Apostle Benton Hill

Prophetess Damita J. Hill


For BWCC to achieve its goals, we need leaders who give their all, give their best, and serve to win.

Pastor Nina Addison

Being a leader to me means being an example. It means knowing how to follow. It means owning up and correcting yourself when you make a mistake. It means planning ahead. It means being someone others can and want to learn from. It's more than a title, it's a lifestyle. I love that BWCC is a training station for leaders. You literally get whole at Be Whole. BWCC makes me desire to be the best I can be in all things. It's the hospital you can come to for a common cold or if you're bleeding out, and get exactly what you need. You will not only recover, but come out better than before!

Prophetess Bendetta Clark- 2020 Most Valuable Leader

I have been given an opportunity to learn, grow, and experience in a way that I continue to evolve as a leader; as I continue to cultivate and mature in my relationship with the Lord. I’ve been able to discover, allowed to operate and flourish in the gifts that God has put on the inside of me. I have been encouraged to allow the Lord to use me in an environment that has been conducive to my progress and expansion. As a result, I’m seeing more clearly who I am, what I’ve been called to do and why this is important to God. The senior leaders at BWCC have been committed to moving by God’s Spirit and allowing the Lord to have free reign and free course. They have not been afraid to allow the gifts of the Holy Spirit to operate fully. This has allowed me to feel more confident in my own gift/s. This has spilled over in my personal life as I’m seeing more and more how to continue to use my gift/s with humility and confidence as the Lord directs. I thank God for the BWCC family, ministry leaders and senior leaders for an absolutely wonderful opportunity to really see what heaven is like here on earth.

Minister Toya Smith

Becoming a leader at BWCC has brought me much closer to Christ. I am more serious than ever about my walk with the Lord. My desire is to please Him in every way. This devotion does not stop at being a leader in church but has extended to work, home, social ;etc.. God has fulfilled purpose in me. People often ask "What's my purpose, why am I here"? Knowing that God has selected me is such a great honor and makes me want to give Him my best in every way. Another cool aspect about being in leadership is helping others realize and uncover their purpose, gifts and talents. Then ultimately seeing them draw closer to the Lord, that is very rewarding. I want to hear God say, "Well done". What I adore most about the ministry is the way the leaders allow God to have His way-there is no comprising on that. Many churches have their own time and agenda. BWCC is on God's time and agenda. When this happens freedom, joy, love, peace, healing and so many other virtues can be manifested! BWCC it's a great place to be!

Pastor Shawn E. Robinson- 2019 Most Valuable Leader

Leadership at Be Whole has helped develop me in so many ways. It’s taught me teamwork, responsibility, accountability and how these things impact ministry, and our day to day lives. There is no other place I would rather be. The Senior Leadership allows for growth and development. The Spirit in the house is so phenomenal that it causes you to always want to be present to witness every move of God. I love BWCC and Thankful for the opportunity to serve as a leader.

Prophetess Lachelle Wright

It's truly an honor to be a leader at BWCC serving under the leadership of Apostle Hill and Prophetess Hill. Being a leader has allowed me to grow spiritually as well as naturally. I truly love the way BWCC loves out loud and teaches the word of God.

Minister Darrlynn Johnson

I Love being a Leader at Be Whole and having Apostle and Prophetess Hill as my Head. Being a leader at Be Whole has taught me the true meaning of family and how to be unified. I love being a servant of God and serving his people!

Evangelist LaSonya Hunt

My experience as a leader has taught me to be accountable, confident, responsible and trustworthy. I enjoy being a part of a ministry that love the Lord and has a clear sense of purpose and ministry goals. That means always striving to accomplish the ministry's mission, listening to and learning from others, being accountable for myself and my team. Also displaying humility, creating trust, good communication, and being a servant.

Evangelist Lauren Robinson

Serving as a leader at Be Whole has been life changing. I've been met with challenges that have grown me into a true leader. Leading by example, being a good steward, operating in the spirit of excellence, and being intentional in everything are just a few lessons that I am learning as I grow in leadership. I am truly grateful and blessed to have leaders and overseers who serve and pour into me. I enjoy serving as a leader in Be Whole because of the covering and nourishment that I receive from my leaders.

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