Manna From Heaven Food Ministry

Is to create a menu and prepare food in support of programs, activities and events held at the church. Prepare and serve food on a regular basis when schedule will allow for members and guests after service. Maintain cleanliness and up-keep of the kitchen. And being eager to practice our love in serving those in the fellowship of God’s people and provide a friendship of community in the breaking of bread. Offering hospitality to our local assembly and all who enters our house allowing us the pleasure to serve in this way.

Food Harvest – We are organized to meet a physical need of some members of the church and community as directed by the word of God. Provide baskets and care packages to members that are away in college or in the armed services here at home and abroad (overseas). Therefore, we are eager to practice our love in serving those in the household of faith and provide service of meeting the needs in our local community and around the world.